Kelvin Ko


Kelvin Ko is a Canadian PGA Class A Teaching Professional who enjoys coaching people of all abilities, especially junior golfers. Kelvin puts emphasis on achieving solid fundamentals, swinging to a balanced finish, scoring well, and just as importantly, having fun. Kelvin coaches a group of top junior golfers who competes and excels in golf tournaments all over the world and he is fluent in teaching both in English and Mandarin. Kelvin teaches at the Musqueam Golf & Learning Academy located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.


After graduating from UBC in 2001, Kelvin put all his focus on his passion: golf instruction. He has a Professional Golf Management Certificate from Humber Business School in Toronto with honours and is also a Hank Haney Certified Instructor, learning directly from Hank Haney, Tiger Wood’s former coach. Kelvin is always looking to improve his coaching abilities by regularly attending seminars conducted by some of the world’s top coaches. Check out some of his pictures by going to the Photo Gallery and clicking on ‘Kelvin’s Photos’.

Golf Fitness

Kelvin believes in the importance of golf-specific fitness training and incorporates TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) drills and exercises into his teaching program. This helps his students to understand how the human body functions in relation to their golf swings.

Teaching Aids

The world today is driven by technology and the game of golf is no different. Kelvin utilizes numerous technologies to help his students to better understand and learn the game of golf.

  • FlightScope – A launch monitor that utilizes 3D Doppler Radar technology to track ball flight and club motion. Kelvin uses this data to better assess his students’ swings and to help them better visualize the effects of their swings.
  • AimPoint – Reading a golf green is difficult for even seasoned golfers. By utilizing AimPoint’s Green Reading methodology, Kelvin instructs his students how to effectively read a green and improve their putting accuracy.