Bob Lenehan


Bob Lenehan is a Canadian Class A Professional with a passion for coaching and competition. He believes that with the right instruction, everyone has the ability to be a successful golfer. Like a fingerprint, Bob believes everyone’s golf swing is unique, therefore he adjusts his instruction to best suit his students.

Bob grew up in London Ontario playing a wide variety of sports at a young age, including golf beginning at the age of six. Although he concentrated on competitive basketball until the end of high school, he never lost his interest in golf.

After moving to Vancouver, Bob began working in the golf industry in 1994 with the focus on always becoming a golf Instructor. After many hours of hard work and practice, he achieved his goal in 2003. Showing a keen interest in teaching young golfers, Bob became the Junior Academy Director at Musqueam Golf and Learning Academy from 2005 to 2008. Since then, he has taught thousands of hours of lessons and hundreds of students of a wide variety of age and skill level.

Bob is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience to the juniors of Golf Progress.